what goes in my carry on

something i have always struggled with is what i should put in my carry on. it always feels like i over pack or don’t pack enough. however, i have finally found what works for me and to provide exactly what i need during those long flights.

first, the bag i put all of it in is a black bag that has gortex zippers and a separate compartment on the bottom for my camera and an extra lens. In the top compartment, is a padded space for an ipad or computer. there is a side zipper for passports, headphones, etc. on top of the bag is a phone pocket for spare change, chapstick, and a phone. the different compartments for my camera gear is the best part because i can easily access everything when going through the security line. i bought it on amazon two years ago, but can’t seem to find it specifically on their website anymore.



first of all i have my 11 inch mac book air. this is the best computer if you are a frequent traveller because it is so lightweight. i use pure gear bluetooth headphones, they come with different ear pieces to fit your ears, they charge in less than 10 minutes, and their battery life is exceptional. I also have a standard pair of headphones, so when i board the plane, i don’t have to use the headphones the airline provides. to charge the headphones i use this micro-usb cord that is very long and the package comes with at least four extra cords. i always have at least two iphone charging cables, because, let’s be honest, they never work when you need them to. these cables are longer than the normal ones, which is very helpful. staying with the charging theme, i carry a portable charger, just in case you’re out on the curb waiting for your uber and your phone decides to take a nap. depending on what country you are going to, you’ll want to carry the specific converter outlet. i always keep several different ones, just in case. these include a british, europe, and a multi-usb american one.


this is the most essential part of my carry-on, because when i feel better about how i look, i feel better about my cancelled flight or 13-hour layover. it’s also important to have these items in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost or mishandled, this way you have basic stuff to keep you going until your luggage arrives. having contacts is far from convenient, but even more so while flying. even if you don’t have contacts, your eyes get extremely dry, so make sure to pick up some eye drops or saline solution. my chosen brand is biotrue because it is actually made to replicate your eye juices (is that a term??) I also carry two extra contacts, and a case. make sure all liquid things you have are under 3.4 oz otherwise you’ll have to throw them away before going through security. nothing feels better than brushing your teeth after traveling for so long, grab a small tooth brush and paste to stick in your bag. concealer is definitely a life saver when you’re trying to combat dark circles after a long flight. my go to concealer is by the nars brand, it blends perfectly with my skin and doesn’t cake on either, i use this with a standard brush or sponge. i also bring along mac mascara, and a compact mirror/powder from maybelline. if you’re on an overnight flight, it is essential to have makeup remover/refreshing wipes from NO7, combine this with no7’s daily scrub and you’ll have glowing skin. i use tom’s deodorant because it doesn’t have aluminum or harsh chemicals in it, snag a few sample perfume bottles of your favorite fragrance and you’re set in the smell department. throw in some of these hair-ties because it is practically impossible for your hair to get tangled with them. and finally, as a woman, it’s always important to carry a couple tampons and summer’s eve cleansing cloths (for when you can’t get a shower in!)


odds & ends

i always have some sort of travel journal with me, i typically use moleskin journals, unruled. but depending on what you prefer here is the ruled books, and a couple fountain pens for all the writing you will do. If there is one thing i’ve always been thankful for in my travels, it’s that i wrote about what was happening so i can remember the small details..an amazing meal, what the hotel smelled like, the great art museum you found accidentally. you will always need your passport, some exrra cash for coffee or a cab, your wallet that includes: insurance cards, social security number, an extra passport photo, credit cards, and your driver’s license. i wear a giant sweater because airplanes are cold, and i stuff an extra pair of underwear and socks to change when i land. while at airports, you encounter lots of germs and airplane food is sketchy. I bring along travel ibuprofen, pepto bismol tablets, and some vitamin c.


Kenya's Silent Crisis

On March 10th, 2018, Ethiopian citizens witnessed 13 innocent people get murdered by their own police. In August of 2017, Ethiopia lifted a 10-month state of emergency. Since the Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, stepped down from his position in February of this year, Ethiopia has reclaimed a state of emergency. For those unfamiliar with what this means it is, “A situation of natural danger in which a government suspends normal constitutional procedures in order to introduce special measures such as increased powers for police or army.” 

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at odinga's left hand

in october of 2017 raila odinga and incumbent, uhuru kenyatta, faced a reelection of the presidency. even though the independent electoral and boundaries commission (iebc) said kenyatta had won, the numbers were truthfully in odinga's favor. disturbed by the lack of justice, citizens took to the streets to protest the corrupt government where the police met them with tear gas, rubber bullets, and shootings. on january 30th, 2018, president odinga swore in as the official president of kenya in uhuru park. the swearing in was portrayed as fake and in a misleading light to western media. news resources stating that odinga could face life in prison or being hanged for treason.

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conflict photography workshops- my experience, not a review.

the next four days we are trained in navigation of mine fields, ied (improvised explosive device) routines, cpr, and how to operate as a photojournalist in a war zone. 

all of our training is finished and it's time to put it to use. the last three nights we are in simulation constantly. we are informed that there are two groups: the rebels and the government soldiers. our sergeant is no longer someone we can turn to for help and actors start pouring in. my mind is flooding with thoughts of mines and kidnapping and tourniquets and cameras. but i feel ready. let’s find out if i am.

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section 2: food & mess kits

how do you eat on expedition? i have found that the one thing i miss while hiking is bread, but bread is heavy. what other options are there then? Int his blog, i’ll explore how i eat while on expedition.

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photo expedition essentials

adventure photographers are always behind the scenes, they are the ones doing the expedition...but with camera gear. ever wonder what goes into a pack? 

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the duck & waffle

one of the biggest misconceptions about traveling is that everything is always planned. yet, it is the opposite, the best and most rewarding parts of traveling are the happy accidents. the times where you don't take a tour bus and you wander the streets with no extensive plan or list. one night, my friends and i were sitting at dinner in the isle of skye. we began discussing that people are more in love with idea of traveling rather than the reality of doing it. and that's okay, traveling is not meant for everyone.

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why i fail at being an adventure photographer

on june 23, 2017 i landed at london heathrow airport, with no address and a few simple instructions of trains to my destination at brookman's park.  i was about to embark on a journey that would forever change the way i viewed the world. before coming on this expedition i was told i was crazy for hiking in a foreign country with men i didn't know. they were right; i am crazy. and i was okay with being called that. i left college to pursue photography, i had spent over $4,000 to get there, my relationship had to end, i wasn't with my dad on father's day, all to get some photographs of a hiking trip. but this wasn't just a "hiking trip," at least for me it wasn't. i had seen this as an opportunity for my photography to grow. to get another expedition under my belt. to get some of the best shots i had ever gotten before. i was ready.

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redefining my future

choices. we all have choices to make. for some, that may be cereal or toast? should i really buy those shoes? should i marry this person? however, the choice i have recently been debating has been the one most parents and teachers despise hearing.."should i even go to college?" woah. did a 19 year old just say that. "if i don't go to college, i won't get a degree, and if i don't get a degree i won't get a job, and if..." all these what if's and here i am in an icelandic bar with one old man reading a paper, a glass of carbonated water at my right hand, feeling more in power of my future than i did sitting in a classroom with 500 people.

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having nothing

It's 29 degrees outside. You have a coat and one blanket. And you have to sleep outside. Your stomach is aching because you haven't eaten today, your finger tips are numb from the holes worn in your gloves, and despite how beautiful the winter sunset looks, you are dreading the cold night that follows.


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