Abuja, Nigeria, February 16, 2019- A man walks at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) conference. The 2019 presidential elections were supposed to be held on February 16, 2019 but got postponed to February 23, 2019 due to 'logistical reasons.' The INEC conference was held to inform the public about the reason for the postponement of elections.
 February 20, 2019, Epe, Lagos, Nigeria- A woman holds a sign protesting violent elections and government corruption within the 2019 presidential elections. The postponement led to rising tensions within Nigeria, as many theories circulated about the INEC being biased and favoring the All Progressive's Congress (APC) over the People's Democratic Party (PDP).
 February 20, 2019, Epe, Lagos State, Nigeria- Mary, 11, (name changed for security) poses for a portrait in her classroom. Her school was recently built but her village still suffers from lack of clean and running water. There are currently no toilets for her and her classmates which causes many sanitary issues and health problems. With the kidnapping of the Chibok girls in 2014 by Boko Haram, attending school for children is a risk in itself.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- Security patrols the streets. Tensions grew in the north east the night before elections. Boko Haram always makes their presence known and takes advantage of Nigeria's political unrest.
 Tsanyawa Kano State, Nigeria, February 26, 2019- Family members sit next to the patient while the doctor tends to her.  According to Reuters, 35 percent of hospitals have been completely destroyed in the nearly seven-year-long insurgency, and a further 29 percent have been damaged. Nigeria isn't short of medical professionals, however most are in the rich and populated areas. Leaving the poor and rural communities with little supplies and access to clean water.
 February 26, 2019, Tsanyawa Kano State, Nigeria-
A 40-year-old woman infected with AIDS sleeps in her hospital bed on IV while her sister visits her. Nigeria is under-resourced in children's care, sexual and reproductive health and emergency care facilities. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) cites armed conflict, disease epidemics and healthcare exclusion as primary reasons for its presence in Nigeria.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- Two 18 year-old women travel back to their villages to cast their vote in the 2019 presidential elections. However, traveling to the rural villages is a security challenge. Nigerians have to travel in large trucks or in crowded vans with a military escort the whole way. Some journey's lasting hours with little food and water and Boko Haram having control over most areas outside the city center of Maiduguri.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- Kids play football outside a mosque the day before elections will commence.
 Maiduguri, Nigeria, February 22, 2019- The shipment of ballot boxes and ballots were delivered to the INEC headquarters the night before elections and counted for inventory under heavy security.
 February 23, 2019, Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria- Women at the Teacher's Village IDP camp wait in line to cast their vote in the 2019 presidential elections. Teacher's Village IDP camp is home to over 36,000 IDP's. Election morning, Boko Haram set off seven RPG's around the perimeter of the city, one of them set off at this IDP camp just behind these women.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- 
On February 16, 2019 three Boko Haram members entered a mosque with one man strapped with an IED, accompanied by two gunmen. The suicide bomb happened at around 05:40, leaving nine killed and 15 injured. It now sits empty and locked.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- Umar (name changed for security purposes) talks about how his brother was targeted in a mosque just a few feet away, when he saw a Boko Haram member strapped with bombs come and hug him.
 February 25, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- 
From left to right, Aisha (13), Umar (12), and Muhammed (7) (names changed to protect identity) escaped from Boko Haram in December after being held captive for five years being used as human shields during fire fights. Umar had escaped by himself,  taking refuge in an abandoned gas station with twelve other children. Umar was the only one that didn't die from starvation or dehydration. Soldiers eventually found him on the side of the road and brought him to safety where he was reunited with his brother and sister after their escape just two weeks earlier.
 February 24, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- 
Aisa Mallam Madu poses for a portrait in her home constructed of old sacks and a small concrete room. Boko Haram has taken the lives of six of her children. After Boko Haram took over her village, Baga, they executed her granddaughter's father and then took her mother. Aisa hid her grandchildren and trekked 196 km from Baga to Maiduguri.
 February 24, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- The location Boko Haram originally operated out of and began, Bulabulin Ngaranam. Now paved over and rebuilt to help the community heal from all the greif caused by the terrorist group.
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